Smart Rooms

Simplify the meeting experience with Smart Rooms

Smart Rooms for effective team collaboration

To work efficiently we need predictable and dependable ways of coming together. Smart Rooms allow you to choose reliable meeting room solutions that are intuitive, simple to use and provide a consistent user experience.

Our solutions accommodate every size of workspace, and supports the way small and large teams work together. 
For us, it doesnt stop with the technology. We understand what enables workspaces to be effective and what it takes to work smarter, in different spaces and places.

We can help you build different types of Smart Rooms
and improve the meeting experience people have at work.

How does it work?

Our easy to use configurator tool simplifies the way we build and deliver Smart Workspaces.

Firstly, choose your preferred system provider, then decide the type of workspace.

We offer different types of display and mounting options that can be easily deployed. And, we have selected several additional options to help you get the most out of your workspaces.
Simply use the more info button and check the boxes of the solutions and services that you are interested in.

Then complete your details and we will send you more detailed information about your choices.

Let's get started.

Choose your preferred system provider

Choose your type of workspaces

Choose your type of workspace

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