VijuConnect improves the way your collaborative working environments are monitored, managed and supported.

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Technology-related meeting stress affects performance, productivity effectiveness and morale

of user’s experience technology-related stress in meeting
of users try to fix the problem themselves
of users call
technical support
of users postpone meetings until technology problems can be fixed

Are you making the most of visual collaboration technology in the workplace?

We provide the experience, expertise and resources to help protect and optimize meeting environments, and make visual communications and collaboration reliable and always available.

Discover a better way to monitor, manage and support your meeting environments




Designed to maximize equipment uptime and keep meeting environments optimized, VijuConnect provides visibility of VC and AV devices across your organization.
By taking advantage of VijuConnect, we will proactively monitor, manage and support your meeting environments, anywhere in the world.

Securely connect, communicate and monitor your VC and AV systems and devices

Using advanced monitoring tools and configurations, VijuConnect proactively monitors device status, health and performance.
Real-time remote monitoring delivers instant notification of any failures or lost connectivity.

Improve the performance and availability of your meeting environments

VijuConnect will immediately detect a warning or error and notify our Technical Support Team who will quickly respond to any failures and immediately resolve the issue.
Real-time remote management maximizes equipment uptime and avoids system failures.

Access to experienced, skilled and qualified technical support specialists

VijuConnect provides immediate access to remote support to resolve issues, minimize disruption and eliminate user frustration.
Real-time remote support ensures service impacting issues are resolved quickly and efficiently.

Why VijuConnect?

VijuConnect addresses the common everyday problems experienced in meeting environments and considerably reduces the wasted time and frustration experienced by users throughout their day.

Eliminate user frustration to deliver a consistent and positive experience.

Maximise equipment uptime and maintain service continuity.

Minimise service disruptions and improve performance and availability.

Resolve service impacting issues quickly and efficiently.

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